Focus on the Family

We believe that parents are the primary educators of our students. Our teachers make it a point to work with parents to help ensure a good formation for their children. Communication with families is an important part of our school life. Parents and family members are a part of our daily school life in one facet or another. 

Family Nights

Every year, each class holds a much anticipated Family Night. Each student arrives with his or whole family and a lot of food to share with the classmates, their families, teachers, and the Sisters. Often during these Family Nights, students will present something special to their parents or everyone will participate in an activity that will help bring all the families together. 

Parent Involvement

Many of our parents participate in different events as volunteers, and all of our parents help out the school in some capacity through our Service Hour Program. Whether by assisting in the office, helping out as a crossing guard, organizing events, preparing materials, cleaning the school, covering books, or some other way, parents help in the daily function of the school.  

Parents at School Events

We invite our parents to our school events in order to provide their families with an opportunity to share in faith and fun. Often times, parents join in for family picnics, school Masses, awards assemblies, and other events. They help make it an even more special time for their children.