"Christ is the Head of this School."

This is the sign above the door that opens up to our school hallway. The school functions to educate with the heart and mind of Christ. That is only possible by allowing students to encounter Jesus through prayer, study, the Sacraments, and each other.
Christ is the Head of this School

The Catholic Faith is evident in all of our classrooms, events, and activities. Not only is the faith taught; it is lived. The teachers present it in a way that demonstrates truth, beauty, and goodness and that does not contradict scientific inquiry.


The entire faculty and student body attends Mass together every Tuesday. Each Mass is sponsored by one of our classes, which means that students from that class are involved as readers, altar servers, and gift-bearers at the Mass. Parents often attend the Eucharistic Liturgy with the school.

Throughout the year, students are also able to participate in special activities for feast days and devotions, such as our May Crowning, All Saints' Day Parade, and others. During Advent, students pray in preparation for Christmas, and during Lent, the entire school participates in weekly Stations of the Cross.


Every year, when most colleges have their Spring break, students from Franciscan University of Steubenville visit our school to share their faith and love with our students and families. They spend months fundraising and preparing for their trip while students wait with high anticipation for their arrival. Once here, they lead the school and local community in retreats, games, Festivals of Praise, and other wonderful events. Many students consider this week the highlight of their year not only because of all the fun they have but also because they encounter Christ in a special way.